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The barely 17-year old Suzana Lazovic plays a big role in the successes of the Montenegrins. She still believes in going on from the group.

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Buducnost talent dreams of semi-finals

Eurohandball.com talks to a Montenegrin talent, the 17-year old line player Suzana Lazovic, who scored three goals in Ljubljana last weekend.

Eurohandball.com: What was missing to win in Ljubljana?

Lazovic proves her talent at difficult games as wellSuzana Lazovic: Although we wanted the victory very much, the absence of Marija Jovanovic and Ana Radovic, two of our best players, was crucial. We made too many technical mistakes and we didn’t concentrate well in the final minutes. We were unlucky as Grozdanic and Bulatovic were also injured and we didn’t have enough experienced players on court. Our defence was also not good enough and the game didn’t finish the way we wanted.

Eurohandball.com: After three games, Oltchim and Győr have four points, while Krim and Buducnost have two. Are you still in the race for the semi-finals?

Suzana Lazovic: We believe that we can still make it to the semi-finals. We already forgot about the defeat in Ljubljana and we focus on the game against Győr on Saturday.

We were unlucky in Hungary and we think that we can beat them in front of our great fans. If we win against Győr, we will still have two more games. Why should we not believe that we can win if we play good handball.

I hope Marija and Ana will be back together with other injured players, because then everything will be easier.

Eurohandball.com: Before the start of the season you were not even supposed to play. Liudmila Mochalina and Tihana Ambros had just arrived. However, as Mochalina left the club you play a lot. What is it like at the age of 17?

Suzana Lazovic: I am sorry that Mochalina left, because she is a great player. On the other hand, I’m happy because I got the opportunity to play more. Just overnight I became the second choice line player.

Our coach does not only give me the chance to play when the game is decided, I have important role also in the decisive moments of the matches.

I wouldn’t have thought about it before the season and I must thank the older players. They helped me a lot and gave me support and encourage me.

Eurohandball: Are you living a dream right now?

Suzana Lazovic: It’s a great experience to play in the CL, especially to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on court. Now I have no more fear, although I will have the stage fright before every game. It helps me to give all my best. I’m happy for every goal I score, especially the ones I have scored against world class goalkeepers. I also enjoy when I can stop some top players in defence.

Eurohandball: You play for the senior and junior national teams of Montenegro. You will play the qualification tournament in Sweden for the Women’s 17 European Championship and also the qualification tournament in Sarajevo for Junior World Championship. In June you can even be called up for the senior World Championship play-offs. Is it not too much?

Suzana Lazovic: It’s a privilege to play for Buducnost and for the senior national team. And why not help the younger national teams in other competitions when I will not have so much to do in the club.

It’s a big effort for me, because I have school obligations as well. So far I was able to find time fo all of that. My only wish is to avoid injuries.

Eurohandball.com: The injury of Bojana Popovic shocked the people in Montenegro. How much trouble will it cause for the national team?

Suzana Lazovic: We are all very sorry for Bojana. I wish her to be back as soon as possible. It’s needless to say how much we will miss her against Sweden, because she is the best player in the world.

I still think we can make it even without her, because we will have an additional motivation: we will play for her too.

TEXT: Saša Jončić