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Barcelona and Portland are still going for the quarterfinals. Read what they say about the upcoming games.

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Spanish hope

Barcelona focus on Ciudad

Barcelona knows that the qualification for the next CL round would be very difficult. Anyway, a big club must always go for the victory.

Barcelona need to win in Ciudad RealWith the victory against GOG, at least a minimal chance is still alive in the competition, even if the road would lead through a triumph over Ciudad.

The new coach of FCB, Xavi Pascual, was satisfied with the weekend performance: “We must focus on the next Asobal game, but it is evident that we dream about a heroic triumph against Ciudad. Anyway, we have to play against CAI during the week and only after can we think about Ciudad”.

Victor Tomas, Barcelona right wing, is also aware that only a victory in Ciudad could help the team:

“This will be a very hard game, but we will fight hard there. Our only chance in the Champions League is to win in Ciudad. We forgot everything and we are working hard to be successful at the next matches”.

Portland hopes still alive

Portland San Antonio need a victory over the upcoming weekend against Hamburg to keep fighting for the quarterfinals.

...and Portland have to beat HSVThe last two victories of the team against Ademar Leon (in Spain) and FCK Handbold (in the CL) gave the optimism of the players back after a terrible start of the year.

Chechu Villaldea also needed some proof that the team are on the right track:

“The team improve day by day. We are training very well and the results are also keeping with the daily work. We needed more time and now we are ready.”

“We have to show a superb performance at the two next games. We have to win them to reach the next round,” the Spanish coach said.

Portland have changed the usual defensive system for the last games and returned to a traditional 6:0.

“I won’t change it now, because we are doing very well. This defence works.”

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni