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Though the Danes keep on winning, coach Vestergaard knows that his team must play in top form to defeat Hypo.

Viborg must improve

Viborg will need to improve respect to the performance against Podravka in order to win the women’s top match on Friday. There ‘s no doubt for Viborg coach Jakob Vestergaard about the perspectives after winning the first two games in the main round. You have beaten Podravka by six goals. Is it not going to be a problem when direct encounter could decide between you and the Croats at the end?

Popovic did most of the job alone last weekendJakob Vestergaard: You are right, it may be so, but for now I’m content with a secure win after a week when several players – and I – have been bothered by cold and flew.

This meant that we did not have the best possible trainings last week and my sore throat made it difficult for me to communicate with the players during the match against Podravka. I admit that we did not play at our best level against Podravka and that Bojana Popovic had to make the most on her own. Of course, it is great to have a star who can do so much alone, but I realise that more players will have to contribute at our coming matches. Speaking of coming matches, your next challenge will be Hypo Niderösterreich on Friday. What do you think about the task in the Maria Enzersdorfer Sporthalle?

Jakob Vestergaard: Of course, it will be a tough game. Very few teams win away in Vienna. I have seen Hypo’s home match against Ikast on Friday and there is no doubt that we will have to improve in order to win. And Hypo can even play better. Is it going to be the toughest test of the season?

Jakob Vestergaard: There is no doubt about that. Hypo will by far be our strongest opponent so far, and especially at home they are very difficult to beat. Many people said that the Friday match will be between the two teams that can win the Champions League. Do you agree?

Jakob Vestergaard: No, I think there are more candidates. For instance, I believe Oltchim Valcea are among the favourites. I know they lost a couple of matches and changed their coach, but I sill see them as potential candidates for the trophy.

The same holds true for Győr, who finally seem to have fit players again, so I do not think it is so simple.

TEXT: Peter Bruun