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The Danish top player focuses on her club duties and fights for the semi-finals with Ikast.

Mette Sjøberg still confident

Danish international Mette Sjøberg, who missed EURO 2008 due to an injury, has decided to take a temporary break from the national team in order to concentrate on her club, Ikast-Brande EH. The Danish side are under pressure in the Champions League as well as in the domestic league.

Ikast had no chance against ViborgIn her team’s first main round match – the Danish encounter against Viborg in Ikast-Brande Arena – the 26 year old Sjøberg did her best scoring from almost all her 7-meter shots and scoring a couple of goals from the distance. This was far from enough, however.

Eurohandball.con talked to Mette Sjøberg, who played 85 internationals for Denmark before deciding to take a break. What did the first defeat in the main round mean for your chances in the Champions League?

Mette Sjøberg: We take one game at a time and of course we do everything we can to get the necessary points. We will meet only the best teams of Europe, which is a huge challenge and really exciting too. Obviously, we hope that the upcoming matches will not be like the first one was. We have to forget about the Viborg match and concentrate. You will play against Hypo on Friday evening. Not a small challenge either…

Mette Sjøberg (laughing a little): No, but none of the teams will be easy. However, we will go there and see what we can do. We simply want to play the best way we can. At least I hope that we can do a bit more against Hypo. Could you forget last weekend?

Mette Sjøberg: Of course it was tough to rise after such a beating, but we will have to realise that Viborg are in a different dimension. It will not depend on the matches against them who will go to the semi-finals. So you still believe in reaching the second place.

Mette Sjøberg: Definitely so. We have not played all our matches yet. How much more energy does it mean for you that you took a break from the national team?

Mette Sjøberg: It allows me to focus more on my main job. I simply need some time to improve my performance and therefore I need to stay away from the national team for a while. I hope this can lift me to a higher level. Peter Bruun

TEXT: Peter Bruun