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The back injury of line player Peter Svensson puts the Danes in a difficult situation before the start of the Main Round.

GOG: problems on the line

GOG Svendborg TGI will have to start without their strong line-player and defender Peter Svensson. It may happen that they will have to play the rest of the season without him.

Ask will have to replace the injured line playerSvensson has picked up a back injury which may be a dislocated disc in the lower part of his back. The injury does not cause him pain, but makes it difficult for him to control the movements in his legs from time to time. It is impossible for him to play handball at the moment.

“The question is whether I will need surgery or if certain training exercises can help. If I need to undergo surgery, a further question will be how long it will take to regain force and stability,” the 25-year old Peter Svensson said who admitted that he fears that his handball career may be over.

“Of course, my object is to play handball again, but I must be able to resist a 100 kg opponent jumping against me,” Svensson added.

Unexperienced substitute

GOG´s head coach, Ulf Schefvert, has another line-player, the Swedish Olof Ask. The problem is that Ask does not have the physical strength of Svensson and he has not played much during the 20 months spent in GOG.

The absence of Peter Svensson was felt already when GOG started in the Danish league after the World Championship. The home match against the other Danish main round participant, FCK Håndbold, was a 32-35 defeat after GOG had been leading with six goals in the first half.

It did not help the Danish champions from 2007 that their Icelandic playmaker and national team player Snurri Gujonsson came back from injury. GOG are now only 10th in the Danish league; FCK are number three.

GOG´s first match in Group 4 will be played on Sunday at home against THW Kiel.

TEXT: Peter Bruun