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Juan Arias will step down from his position after 15 years of services including a few big successes.

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President leaves Ademar

President of Reale Ademar, Juan Arias, has left the Spanish club after 15 seasons. Arias was responsible for club strategies during all these years, but now he decided to leave.

These 15 years were an important chapter in the history of the clubThe main reason of his final decision was a difficult relationship with the local institutions. The decision of Arias will trigger an election process in the club.

“I will not present a candidature. I hope that this decision will not cause too much trouble for the club,” Arias said to the local press.

Arias did not want to explain the real reasons in detail of leaving the club only six months after his re-election.

“I’m not as motivated as before and I think I must initiate a transition in the club. The decision is definitive and there is no other option. There are given circumstances and we do not want problems with anybody,” Arias explained.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni