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With no points, FCK are under pressure if they want to reach the quarterfinals. Head coach Magnus Andersson is not calculating yet.

Andersson keeps cool

The upcoming match between FCK and Medvedi has been moved from FCK´s usual home ground, Frederiksberghallen, to Farum Arena in the Northern suburbs of Copenhagen in order to allow even more spectators to watch the game live.

FCK prepare with the usual Danish optimismSupport is vital for the Danes as Hamburg are clearly leading the group; Portland San Antonio and Chehovskie Medvedi have 2 points each. The current group table does not worry FCK´s Swedish head coach, Magnus Andersson. You are last in Group 1 without a point. Do you believe that you have a go on from the group?

Magnus Andersson: Frankly speaking, we have not been thinking of this. We just want to win all matches we play and then we will have to see how far that takes us. In first place, our objective was to qualify for the main round. Now we are here and we want to make the best of it and win our matches. Your first task will be Chehovskie Medvedi at home on Saturday. This is probably a must-win match…

Magnus Andersson: Maybe so, but it will be still very difficult against a team with lot of players returning from the World Championship. Maybe those players are mentally and physically tired now, but we still have to expect to meet a physically very strong team. What does Steinar Ege’s injury mean for your squad?

Magnus Andersson: He is a great keeper, everyone knows that. We have known for some time that he will be out and we have many other good players and also goalkeepers.

TEXT: Peter Bruun