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Viborg coach keeps calm after a successful first round, but his team are really confident.

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Vestergaard: our group still open

After Viborg have beaten Ikast and Hypo Podravka, several handball experts said that Group 1 has been decided already.

Viborg head coach, Jakob Vestergaard, does not agree:

So far so good...Jakob Vestergaard: I have to watch the Podravka vs Hypo game and only then can I say anything about those two teams. All I know is that our own calculations was three home wins and at least one away win. So far we are definitely on the right track. If we can solve our next task – home match against Podravka on Saturday – we will be in a very good position. I think it is a bit too early to say that the group is decided. It is still open, although the two favourites have started with victories. You must really be on the right track after a 14-goal away win…

Jakob Vestergaard: Of course we are very happy. We played at a very high level in Ikast and we are all very proud of that. What can you still improve?

Jakob Vestergaard: I don’t think we moved fast enough in defence in the first 15 minutes and we tackled too little. I mentioned this to the players already at halftime and I also reminded them after the match that we will have to improve it already on Saturday. We need to be quicker and more powerful – these are the basics of our game. You said about Podravka that they are one of the most talented teams in Europe. What do you expect on Saturday?

Jakob Vestergaard: It will be a completely different kind of game. When Podravka will come to Viborg, we will have to find the right solutions against their defence. I hope everyone will be focused on that. They are also an attacking team with some really good backcourt players. I know that their right winger, Todorovska, is also very good, but we have to focus on their backcourt in particular. You must have enormous confidence now, anyway.

Jakob Vestergaard: You are absolutely right about that. We are extremely satisfied with our performance in Ikast!

TEXT: Peter Bruun