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The coach of Podravka is proud of his team despite losing to Hypo by one goal.

Zovko: We can do better

After painful home defeat 31:30, Zdravko Zovko is not discouraged. Croatian coach praises Hypo and believes his team can do much better in following matches.

Oh led her team to victory in KoprivnicaIt was a superb atmosphere in Koprivnica. Croatian fans showed they appreciate achievements of their club and both teams enjoyed playing in the Fran Galović hall of Koprivnica.

“First I want to thank our spectators. It was a full hall and great atmosphere. I’m sorry we didn't take at least a point today, but I have to congratulate Hypo and my colleague Németh for a really carefully prepared match. I think Hypo is one of the best teams in Europe and I’m happy that my players showed they can play against such a powerful opponent,” said Zovko.

In group phase, Podravka lost in Larvik by one goal and after that won three matches in a row. Despite the home defeat, Zovko is optimistic and determined:

“We can play better and I’m convinced we will show it in the future. We can especially improve respect to the minutes of the match.”

The matches of Hypo and Podravka have always been thrilling encounters. Good handball with suspense until the very end.

“I congratulate both teams for a good play and fair game. With 61 goals scored it was joy to watch this match. Both teams showed good handball and I think the spectators can be satisfied,” concluded Zovko.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš