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The European Handball Federation has dealt with the consequences of the tragic case of MKB Veszprém player, Marian Cozma.
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MKB Veszprém vs Leon: according to schedule

The European Handball Federation, in close cooperation with MKB Veszprém, has dealt with the proceedings after the tragic loss of the club’s player, Marian Cozma, and the serious injury of two other handballers, Ivan Pesic and Zarko Sesum.

According to the schedule of the EHF Champions League, the club is to organise a Main Round home game against the Spanish club Reale Ademar on Sunday, 15.02.2009 at 15:15 hrs.

MKB Veszprém has informed the European Handball Federation that they have no intention to postpone the game despite the tragic situation.

Based on the will of the club, the coach and the players, the EHF can confirm that the match will take place according to the original schedule. However, the game – as all games in the first round of the Champions League Main Round – will be preceded by a minute of silence to pay tribute to the late player.

As an additional measure with regards to the special situation, the EHF has extended the deadline of late player entry to the EHF Champions League Main Round for MKB Veszprém. The club will be allowed to nominate players until 12:00hrs on Friday, 12 February 2009.