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Krim Ljubljana's Hungarian goalkeeper, Ágnes Triffa, talks about her team and about the objectives in the Main Round.

No surrender

Hungarian goalkeeper Ágnes Triffa joined Slovenian Krim Ljubljana on the summer of 2008. asks her about the game against Győri Audi ETO. What is it like to play in Slovenia for Krim?

The Slovenian fans with their drumsÁgnes Triffa: There is a huge difference between conditions here and in Hungary. This I have felt from the beginning. The system of our work here is also different. We have five people working with us here: physio, athletic coach, goalkeeping coach, assistant coach and head coach.

We had an awfully hard preparation period before the season. In contrast to the usual two-week physical preparation period, we spent a month and a half without even touching the ball. This was a tough test.

It was interesting enough: when I arrived I was told to lose two kilos. This sounded odd because I never had weight problems, moreover, I was always encouraged to put on some more weight. Anyway, I ate an awful lot of vegetables during the summer to do what they asked me to do. What are the objectives of Krim for the season?

Triffa: Top four in the Regional League and top eight in the Champions League. The latter has been completed, which is great. At this stage all teams are strong. And while everyone has respect for the opponents, no player wants to step on court thinking that you don’t have a chance.

Hungarian handball and Győri ETO has great respect in Slovenia and within Krim. People here are mostly afraid of Győr and Valcea, but it does not mean that we will surrender on Saturday. What kind of atmosphere can be expected in front of your own fans?

Triffa: The fans here are really nice. They love us and the atmosphere is great, people are singing, beating the drum and they even play the accordion. This is completely different from that support we had in Hungary.

TEXT: (Ildikó Balogh)