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Read the latest on Portland, Ciudad Real and Leon: the Spanish CL sides are facing different situations.

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What's on in Spain?

With only a week before the start of the Main Round in the Men's CL, it's time to see what's the latest from Spain.

Portland will return with a new face

Nikcevic needs to be coveredPortland San Antonio has not solved the main problem experienced in 2008: injuries. Serbian international Ivan Nikcevic suffered a serious injury during the World Championship and he will be out of the courts until the end of this season. It is a major problem for Chechu Villaldea, who tried to react signing a new player to replace him.

Adrian Crownley is the chosen player. He is a young Spanish talent left Portland on loan to Keymare Almeria. Crownley will share the tasks on the left wing with Santiago Urdiales, who suffered from various physical problems in the first months of the season.

Crownley played for Portland last season and he went on loan to gain more experience elsewhere. His performance in Almeria was impressive scoring many goals that directed the attention of Portland coach Villaldea on him.

Pajovic renews contract

Ciudad Real and Pajovic have agreed to continue together for another two seasons. It means that Pajovic will play for Ciudad Real until 2011.

The Slovenian giant will stay in Ciudad RealThe Slovenian international is really satisfied with the agreement because he is very happy in Spain:

“We only have to sign the document until 2011. We talked about my situation last November, when I wanted to sign for one more season, but the club offered two more years. It is a clear situation for me. I’m happy in Ciudad Real and I have no reason to go to any other club.”

His situation is unlike that of Uros Zorman. The other Slovenian star has not convinced the Ciudad fans and it is rumoured by the Spanish press that he could go home and join Cimos Koper.

Zorman will play this season in Spain and he has confirmed that he wants to fulfil his valid contract.

New project of Juan Arias

Ademar Leon president, Juan Arias, is not optimistic about keeping some of his best players next season.

Leon are in a difficult situationDaniel Sarmiento and Mirko Alilovic are targeted by many European clubs and the economic situation in Spanish handball does not help Ademar keep all the best players.

“We cannot fight against the greatest clubs,” Arias admitted to the local press of Leon.

“We worked a lot to build a good team. We had a big project, but it is impossible to defend ourselves when the great clubs attack. We must admit it and start a new project. We will try to find new players, but it will be difficult in the current economic situation.”

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni