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Romanian World class left back, Narcisa Lecusanu talks about the upcoming Main Round and about the opening game in Podgorica.

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Confident but cautious Lecusanu

The top scorer of Oltchim Valcea, Narcisa Lecusanu, talks to The Romanian World class player tells us about reaching the best eight teams, her expectations in the Main Round and about the upcoming game in Podgorica.

The Romanian international scored 30 goals in six CL matches and the 32-year old left back is playing her best ever CL season.

Key player for You are top scorer of Oltchim and you already reached as far as last season in the competition. Good job so far…

Narcisa Lecusanu: I can only say that I’m very happy that we qualified from the tough Group C where nobody gave us any chance at the start of the competition. Now you have an evenmore difficult task in Group 2 of the Main Round against Győr, Budućnost and Krim?

Narcisa Lecusanu: Well, Group 2 will also be very difficult. However, we’ll do our best to improve respect to our season and to qualify for the semi-finals. You will travel to Podgorica in the first round. Last season you have defeated Budućnost home and away as well (35:22 and 32:21).

Narcisa Lecusanu: We must forget those games because Budućnost gained international experience since then and they improved a lot. I think these two games will not even resemble those a year ago. This time it will be much more difficult.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš