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Coach Manuel Cadenas admits that his future in Barcelona is unsure.

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Unknown future

Manuel Cadenas has confirmed to the Spanish press that his future on the bench of Barcelona is unsure. Cadenas had signed a two-year contract with that club that will expire in June. The coach is not optimistic about his future at this club.

Kiel proved to be better in the Group PhaseThe last games of 2008 were unsuccessful for the team and it creates a situation where the cooperation of Cadenas with the club cannot be taken for granted any more.

“Nobody from the club talked to me officially, but I think that it would be difficult to continue here. Anyway, such situations depend on the results. Just to say an almost impossible example: if we win the Champions League I will stay,” said the coach of Barcelona.

Cadenas also confirmed that Ademar’s Spanish player, Daniel Sarmiento, will play next season for Barcelona:

“Sarmiento agreed with Barcelona. I was not present at this transfer and the club was responsible for this transfer,” explained Cadenas.

The Catalonian club will play the second part of the season with reinforcements. Putics and Oneto joined the Catalonians.

The Hungarian left back was there in Croatia, but the Chilean international could train with his new mates in the past weeks.

The objective of Barcelona is to reach the next round of the Champions League, but they will have to leave Ciudad Real and Kiel behind in their group, which will be more than difficult task.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni