Serbian talent focuses on KrimArticle
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The most wanted player of our days, Andrea Lekic, concentrates on making more surprises in the CL.

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Serbian talent focuses on Krim

Andrea Lekic is undisputedly among the most talented young handballers in Europe. She showed her skills at the EURO 2008 in FYR Macedonia, but she also proves week by week in the Champions League or in the Regional League where she is among the top.

On the shortlist of many clubsNo wonder that she is on the shortlist of many clubs. She says she stays focused on Krim: 

“This season was great for me. I hope I will continue to further improve. Last season I managed to gain some experience and it all pays off now. At the moment all my thoughts are around Krim because my contract is valid for another year here.”

Krim’s top player is satisfied with the results of the season. However, it may not be the end yet…

“We achieved our objective for the season, which was a place in the eight best teams of Europe. Now we can play without pressure: I hope we will continue on a high level and we will make some more surprises.”

At the beginning of the season Krim lost many matches. But then things started to change. Lekic and her team have a lethal weapon now:

“During our preparations we concentrated on physical condition and we lost many matches at the beginning of the season. After two months everything started to improve. Our defence is our biggest weapon now. Every player can pull the team out of trouble, which is also very important.”

The Serbian talent is cautious about predictions and praises Hypo:

“It’s hard to predict anything.  All these teams in the top eight are really great teams with pretty equal qualities. I can only say that Hypo may have the best chances, but they will have a very tough job. Their main advantage is collective play and this makes them the best.”

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