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Viborg's playmaker, the Norwegian Kristine Lunde, talks about the perspectives of her team.

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We can improve

In spite of winning Group D by beating Krim Ljubljana in the last round, Viborg HK can still improve - at least according to the Norwegian playmaker Kristine Lunde.

Back in top form after serious injuryThe 29-year old Norwegian international, who arrived from Aalborg DH with her twin sister Katrin Lunde Haraldsen in the summer of 2007, was more or less sidelined for almost a year with a serious shoulder injury. This season she is back at full strength.

She was part of the Norwegian national team winning EURO 2008 in Macedonia and she has become a key player of Viborg too. Her contract, similarly to her sister’s, will expire in the summer of 2010. The twins have not yet decided about the times after. She talks about the CL chances

Eurohandball.com: You won your group after a convincing victory against your biggest rivals. What was the decisive factor?

Kristine Lunde: We were good at running back to defence against Krim this time, we were strong in defence, and compared to our first match we were more focused.

Eurohandball.com: How far can Viborg reach in the CL this season?

Kristine Lunde: I think we have great opportunities. We go to the main round from first position and we have a good team, so I see believe we have really good chances.

Eurohandball.com: You joined Viborg 18 months ago with your sister. What was it like for you so far?

Kristine Lunde: A good time. I was injured at the beginning, but now things are getting better and better, and it is a great club to play for.

Eurohandball.com: As you mentioned, you were out for a long time with a nasty shoulder injury. How long did it take to get back to form?

Kristine Lunde: Well, it took quite a while, but now I feel I’m really back on my old level.

Eurohandball.com: Many say that Viborg are one of the best European clubs or even the best one. What do you think about this team you are part of?

Kristine Lunde: I think we have an incredibly strong team already, but there are still parts of our game where we can improve. For instance, we can still improve in running back after a missed shot. But then again: it is always good to have things to work on.

TEXT: Peter Bruun