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Győri ETO player Orsolya Vérten talks about her career in the first part of our portray series.

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Still a lot to learn

In the next couple of weeks, will introduce you some of the most outstanding players of the Men’s and Women’s EHF Champions League. You can get to know the stars you will be watching in the Main Round coming up in February.

 Orsolya Vérten

Playing position: left wing
Born: 22 July 1982, Budapest
Height/weight: 1.70m/69kg
Caps/goals: 85/250
Clubs: Vasas SC, Győri AUDI ETO
Coaches: István Gyömörey and his wife, János Czirjék, László Palásti, Kálmán Róth, Csaba Konkoly
Honours: WCh bronze (2005), Junior WCh silver, EHF Cup runner-up (2004, 2005), Hungarian champion (2005, 2006, 2008), Hungarian silver medallist (2004, 2007), Hungarian bronze medallist (2002, 2003), Hungarian Cup winner (2005-2008), member of the All-Star Team in Beijing (2008), Player of the Year in Hungary (2008).

The first player in our portrait series is an exceptional Hungarian left winger playing for Győri AUDI ETO. In teams full of world class players, you need time to gain recognition. Orsolya Vérten was patient and 2008 was her year. Last December she was awarded Player of the Year in Hungary after an (almost) perfect season for her.

Vérten talks to about her life on and off the court. Did you try other sports before handball?

Orsolya Vérten: I swam three and a half years as a kid, but I had no success there. I did not win any medal. Though my parents say that I enjoyed it, they got me to choose another sport, more cut out for me. I liked basketball, but I was too short for that. My father suggested me to decide between volleyball and handball, but we even considered triathlon. Why handball then?

Orsolya Vérten: We lived just five minutes from the Vasas sports hall, so I only needed to take a short walk there. I started at the age of 13. At first I played on the right wing, though only for two games. Then I was a left wing and then I stayed in the middle back position for a longer time. When did you end up on the left wing again?

Leading goalscorer of her teamsOrsolya Vérten: It happened in the senior team of Vasas. The current coach of Buducnost, Gyula Zsiga, put me there. I still cannot decide which position I like more. Vasas was a successful club back then…

Orsolya Vérten: The senior team ended on fourth place when I was a debutant. Many players left the club after because of the financial situation. Half a year after coach Zsiga left I had the chance to sign for Győr. Vasas needed a back player, Győr a winger, so they exchanged me for Bea Prok. What was it like in your new club?

Orsolya Vérten: It was great. We played the EHF Cup Final already in my first year, but we lost against Ikast – with Bea Siti in their squad. From this time on we played finals every year, while in the recent years we have reached the best four teams of the Champions League. Győr is always taken into consideration among the CL title candidates, but something is always missing. What did you miss so far? Do you think the team is mature enough now?

Orsolya Vérten: At the beginning of every season I believe that we could be able to produce an outstanding result. Something always ruins our plans at the end.

Last season we were able to beat Zvezda away in the semi-final, we lost at home and this was especially painful. This year we are confident to reach the final because we could beat Ikast, Kometal and Zvezda away.

I’m satisfied with our draw as well. We will not have to travel too far and many fans will follow us. They can help us and we will have a chance to get to the semis. There will be many Hungarian players in the other teams of the Main Round: is it advantage or Győr reached the semi-finals of the CLdisadvantage?

Orsolya Vérten: I wouldn’t call it advantage. Anyway, I’m happy to meet Rita Borbás playing for Valcea, who is one of my best friends.

I think everyone should take a chance abroad, I also thought about it. I even had an opportunity recently, but for some reason I love playing at home and it would be very difficult for me without my family. Family... Your biggest fan is your mum.

Orsolya Vérten: Not only her, my father also comes to my games whenever he can. They have been there for my games since early childhood and I’m happy that they want to see me. If my children will be athletes, I will also go with them if it will be okay for them. Apart from training yourself, you also hold trainings for kids. How did that come?

Orsolya Vérten: Our director, Attila Vanyus, told me two years ago to take a look at a kids’ team. Since then I’m their coach.

I’m happy for this task as I always wanted to work with kids. I get a new group every year; they are about 7 years old, but I also had older ones.

I have two trainings with the smaller kids, one with the older. I’m happy to let you know that I spotted many talents, including a left-hander. The older kids often come to my games to watch. Does it mean that you would like to work as a coach at the end of your career?

Suffering from one of those ankle injuriesOrsolya Vérten: I started coaching education and I’m going to complete my studies. I would like to keep on doing this job. I would gladly work for one of the youth teams of Győri ETO, but obviously I still have to learn a lot. Is there anything else you enjoy doing outside the court?

Orsolya Vérten: I go to movie or theatre with the girls. I try to have a rest whenever I can or I go shopping. I go home quite often to Gyömrő, a small place near Budapest. Here I can relax. Though I enjoy being busy, I prefer quiet, so I don’t even want to live in Budapest. Which players do you enjoy playing together with the most?

Orsolya Vérten: With any of my team mates. I have been playing with such great players that it has always been a pleasure.

However, I would like to mention someone who had a great impact on me when I was youngster. Éva Erdős was a great player and a great personality. Which were the most remarkable moments in your career?

Back on top with HungaryOrsolya Vérten: I will never forget the game we could win away against Dunaferr for the first time. Only Görbicz, Sirina and I were regular senior player, the others were youth players. Anita was the left back, I played in the middle.

On a national team level, my greatest success was the quarterfinal victory against Romania in Beijing. The Hungarian national team has not been so successful recently. What do you think about the reasons?

Orsolya Vérten: I believe that Norway, for example, have so many high quality players that even when coach Marit Breivik needs to make a change, she can send on court an equally good player.

Anyway, I believe that we are better than our 8th place at the last EURO would suggest. We were missing some of our players in Macedonia, but when Timea Tóth and Ibolya Mehlmann will return, we will have a good chance to get back into the top four.