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Győr coach, Csaba Konkoly, talks before a game crucial in the battle for the group victory.

For points and for confidence talks to the coach of Győri ETO KC before the last game in the Group against Zvezda Zvenigorod. How did you prepare for the weekend game?

The young Kovacsics proved her talent last weekendKonkoly Csaba: We watched the video of our first game. We expect their backcourt game to improve respect to that. We were able to switch Poltoratskaya off the game, at least better than the other teams.

Zvezda can be very effective with the two line players and from the left wing cutting in. I hope we can fend off these tentatives. Did you have difficult trainings this week?

Konkoly: Two a day. This time, however, there will be only one training on the day of the travel because the road is long. Usually we have two even on these days, one at home and one at the venue. Last season you could beat them away...

Konkoly: We will do our best to leave with two points. Of course, we won’t take them easily with the CL semi-finals in our mind. After the great game against Skopje, we have to show a good performance once again. I hope the players still have reserves and we will be able to win the last group game. Is it possible that the absence of Anita Görbicz will motivate the team?

Konkoly: Anita proved on several occasions that she is a team player. Before the others always gave her the ball when they were in a difficult situation, but now everyone has her role in the tactics and also in taking responsibility.

When Görbicz will return, we will go on with a similar attitude. We always wanted to share the burden. This would not only spare energy for her, but it would also help the others improve. What do you expect from the game?

Konkoly: They will play at home and they will also do their best to reach third place and continue in the Cup Winners’ Cup.

For us, it would be a big achievement to win there and it would allow us to play against two second ranked teams in the main round.

We also know that it does not count that much, but psycologically it may be different. A success always gives more confidence and guarantees greater cohesion in the team. I believe that we are in a condition that we can leave Russia with two points.

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