Urios to retire?Article
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The injured world class line player is not optimistic about his future.

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Urios to retire?

One of the biggest Ciudad Real stars, legendary line player Rolando Urios, is unable to recover from a tormenting injury that he suffered in September 2007.

Struggling to get back on topSince that he could not yet properly return on court. Though the player tried at a few games, he was not able to play at a high level.

Urios spoke to the Spanish media about his future. He did not sound optimistic:

“I will finish my career this season. I don’t know if I will be 100% ever again. I must be in perfect condition to play for Ciudad that requires a high level.

“If I am not well enough, it will be the moment to say goodbye. I’m thinking about this decision,” Urios said.

The Spanish club is waiting for the result of the latest medical checks. Luis Miguel Lopez, Ciudad’s manager, spoke about the situation:

“We must wait to see how ‘Roly’ is doing after the last operation. Urios could be back on court, it is still a possibility. We don’t know anything yet”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni