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Oltchim Valcea coach, Ivica Rimanić, is confident before the game in Norway.

To continue in good form

Ivica Rimanić is satisfied with the job done so far. With great determination and optimism he once again returns to Norway to face his next CL challenge, Larvik. Oltchim secured the third place at least with good chances to win Group C. Are you satisfied with the job done, especially with the last match against Lada?

The first game was difficult for ValceaIvica Rimanić: Everything is going according to plans. We expected to have a chance to take the first or second position in our group. We showed against Lada that we can play really well – especially in defence – even without Lecusanu and Maier. Those two were most reliable players in the CL so far. So we are in good shape and we have to stay in good shape if we want to finish on top position. In the next round you will face the toughest challenge, an away match against Larvik. Larsen did not play against Podravka because of a flu, but she will probably be ready for Sunday. You already defeated Larvik in Valcea. What are your objectives in Larvik?

Ivica Rimanić: Larvik are one of the most experienced teams in the CL and it will be a very tough match. We felt their strength in Valcea when we managed to defeat them only in the last 10 minutes.

Their most important player is Tonje Larsen, but every player in Larvik deserves respect. After all, majority of their squad are in the Norwegian national team, plus Lene Rantala whose performance has been on a high level recently…

The most important will be to slow their rhythm down and score many goals from six meters. Also we may not lose duels. Of course we come to Larvik to win and we don’t even think about any other outcome. Riegelhuth is the top scorer of CL with an amazing number of 46 goals in four matches. What do you think about her and do you think if she is the most dangerous player of Larvik?

Ivica Rimanić: At this moment Riegelhuth is probably the best back/wing player in Europe. She has many offers from European top clubs. It is really impressive that she is top scorer in almost every match she plays. Obviously Larvik’s game plan fits her and she functions perfectly there. Our mission is to stop her. At the beginning of the CL you were right when you predicted many close home wins. Can you now offer another prediction for the final ranking of Group C?

Ivica Rimanić: Well, I’m not Nostradamus; it was just a lucky guess. If there will be no major surprises, I expect the final ranking to be same as now: Oltchim, Larvik, Podravka and Lada.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš