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The German club plans a substantial budget cut, but still targets winning titles.

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Rudolph remains HSV president

By remaining unbeaten at home this season and winning the last match of 2008 against Wetzlar, HSV are number two in the Toyota Bundesliga. In addition, HSV provided some good news for players, fans and sponsors.

Rudolph staysAfter a board meeting and discussions between the management and Andreas Rudolph, the president/main sponsor confirmed that he would stay in his function until the end of his contract in 2011.

The official statement after the meeting explained: “We want to stay at the top in German and in the European competitions”.

At the same time, the club is planning a budget cut by one million Euro.

Taking on this news, the local media started speculations about the ways to save this one million, even on the expense of the current sports director.

Smaller budget, same objectives“We will look into all the costs connected to the team and the club. But we won’t do anything that could jeopardise winning any of the competitions,” Rudolph explained later.

11 HSV players will play in Croatia at the World championship in January: Johannes Bitter, Pascal Hens, Torsten Jansen and Stefan Schröder are nominated for Germany, Guillaume Gille for France, Hans Lindberg for Denmark, Blazenko Lackovic for Croatia, Per Sandström and Nicklas Grundsten for Sweden and Krzysztof and Marcin Lijewski for Poland.

TEXT: Björn Pazen