A record, a rumour and a new playerArticle
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THW Kiel progress convincingly in the German league, but meanwhile rumours about Karabatic keep people excited...

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A record, a rumour and a new player

THW Kiel has broken a six-year record in the German Toyota Bundesliga. By beating Dormagen 33:27 in the last league game before the World Championship break, Kiel took 34 points in a row. Now they are leading the German table with a difference of seven points from Hamburg. Kiel are the only unbeaten side in the Bundesliga today.

Karabatic offered fabulous contract?“Everything we did, was right, as you see now,” manager Uwe Schwenker said referring to the change of coach, from Serdarusic to Gislasson. But he also warns:

“We haven’t won anything yet, we only have a good position to win the title.”

At the same time, there are certain rumours about the World Player of the Year, Nikola Karabatic. The French player said in an interview that he doesn’t know if he would stay in Kiel until 2012, the end of his contract.

Allegedly Rhein Neckar Löwen want to sign the superstar from next season and the club’s new coach will be Noka Serdarusic, who is on very good terms with Karabatic and his family.

The manager of Uwe Schwenker remains calm: “We have everything in our hands. We have a contract until 2012 and if a club wants to sign Nikola, they have to talk to us. And up to now no one did so.”

Schwenker fully understands the situation:

“I heard rumours about a big offer for Nikola. And I know that a player would start thinking about such a big amount. But if Löwen want to have Nikola, they have to know that it would be an enormous fee.”

Facts, not rumours

On the other hand, there is some confirmed information as well. The young Icelandic international, Aron Palmarsson (18), will join Kiel. He signed a contract until 2014 and comes from the CL team Hafnarfjördur.

“I dreamt of signing for Kiel all my life. Now the dream’s come true,” Palmarsson said. For Schwenker the Icelandic back court player is “one of the greatest talents of Europe”.

TEXT: Björn Pazen