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The Arbitration Tribunal made its decision on the case of MRK Vardar-Pro Skopje coach, Veselin Vujovic.

Arbitration decision

The case of the MRK Vardar-Pro Skopje (MKD) coach, Veselin Vujovic, was discussed by the Arbitration Tribunal.

The Arbitration Tribunal found that on 23 November 2008 the coach of MRK Vardar-Pro Skopje committed an act of serious unsportsmanlike conduct after the 2008/09 Cup Winners’ Cup Round 3, 2nd leg match between Kadetten Schaffhausen (SUI) and MRK Vardar-Pro Skopje (MKD).

After analysis of the statements of the referees, of the EHF delegate and of the involved club, MRK Vardar-Pro Skopje, the Arbitration Tribunal considered that there was enough evidence to prove that Veselin Vujovic verbally insulted the referees and committed an assault on one of them.

The Arbitration Tribunal has decided as follows:
Veselin Vujovic will be suspended from international handball matches from 17 December 2008 to 17 December 2009.
In addition to this Veselin Vujovic has to pay a fine of € 3,000.

Any appeal against the decision will not suspend the application of the decision.