Barcelona signs Hungarian Barna PuticsArticle
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FC Barcelona has reinforced the squad in the last month.

Barcelona signs Hungarian Barna Putics

FC Barcelona has reinforced the squad in the last month. Wallid Ben Amor was drafted in to fill the gap left by injured Iker Romero and Barna Putics has arrived to the Catalonian club after the transfer of Jerome Fernandez to Ciudad Real. Putics made his first official appearance for Barcelona last week.

Barna Putics is a former Hungarian international. The 24-year-old left back, on loan from the Hungarian champions MKB Veszprém played out the 2007/2008 season at Tussem Essen. For Barcelona, Putics will don the number 11 shirt which he will inherit from Frenchman Jerome Fernandez.

Putics is very pleased with this transfer deal; he said “I am very happy. It took me by surprise that a great club, such as FC Barcelona was interested in me. I will not have any problems adapting to my new club. I began the season in Hungary and after that I finished the season in Germany. I had no problems with that particular transition and I suppose that this situation is quite similar.”

Laszlo Nagy, Hungarian national team mate, had very good words to say about Putics. “I know him from the national team. He played with us from when he was very young. I know he is a very good person. Now, he must show us his qualities. He plays with the right hand but he is able to play on the right side too”. Manuel Cadenas, Barcelona coach, is satisfied now that his back court line-up is now complete. “We need a large squad to face all the competition. Putics has a good shot and is able to score a lot of goals. He can give us some tactical solutions because he can play well with the pivot”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi