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GOG could have played better, but the team reached the objective.

Schefvert partly satisfied  

Qualifying for the main round from Group B on second position after Ciudad Real was an acceptable performance from Danish GOG Svendborg. However, the performance in the group stage could have been better. This was coach Ulf Schefvert’s conclusion when asked him to evaluate his team’s efforts in the group phase. What do you think of your team’s performance in the Champions League so far?

Ulf Schefvert: We have to be satisfied with the result, qualifying for the main round. However, our performance could have been better. We did well against Doukas: winning by 17 goals in Greece and by eight at home – without playing really well in the second match. Our home game against Bosna was acceptable, while our match there had no importance. In our first match against Ciudad Real – the home match – we had far too much respect for them, while I was satisfied with our first 15-20 minutes in Spain, where we were actually leading 10-8. What affect the injuries had on your team’s performance?

Ulf Schefvert: Injury is always part of the game, but of course, missing two-three key players can be felt – particularly against a team such as Ciudad Real. Against the best teams you have to be on top to have a chance… These players will be ready for the main round?

Ulf Schefvert: We can only hope so, but we also have a tough schedule in the Danish league in between. You reach the main round without a point. Do you think you have a chance to qualify for the quarterfinals?

Ulf Schefvert: Starting with zero points is a big handicap, especially if you get in a group another team with 4 points… Personally, I would prefer to play to more matches in the main round. We already have so many matches – World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Games – so I don’t think two more matches in the Champions League would be a big deal.

TEXT: Peter Bruun