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FCK coach is happy to be in the Main Round, but the two points lost in Hamburg may be missing.

Andersson misses two points

Magnus Andersson, Swedish coach of FCK Håndbold, is satisfied with reaching the main round at the CL debut of his club. However, he knows that it will be difficult to start the new group phase with zero points. Are you satisfied with your team’s first Champions League group stage ever?

Big fight against PresovMagnus Andersson: I’m content that we reached our goal and qualified for the main round. However, I wanted to go on with two points. We had the chance in Hamburg (FCK were leading by seven, but lost by two – ed) To lose like this was no no fun at all… We could really have grabbed the two points from there… You also had trouble against your biggest rivals, Tatran Presov, though they are a team that never went on from the group phase...

Magnus Andersson: Well, you have to remember that we never made it any further either as have never been in the Champions League before! Tatran Presov have a lot more CL experience and they are not a bad team. Still we should have decided our last match against them at an early stage as we started well. Later on, however, we could thank our goalkeeper Steinar Ege that we did not get in real trouble. Also true that Presov could probably thank their goalkeeper for not getting behind with a lot of goals from the start… You have many injuries: line player Pelle Linders was out for the first part of the season, and now playmaker Martin Boquist and right winger Fredrik Lindahl cannot play…

Magnus Andersson: These did not influence our success at the end. As you said, injuries hit every team, but of course, they are not good for our game and the other players are pretty worn out now. So the break –the Champions League starts again in February – comes at the right time for you.

Magnus Andersson: Yes, it does. Also because it means that we can focus more on the Danish league. We have a tough schedule ahead up in the domestic league in December, so we really need to focus on that.

TEXT: Peter Bruun