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The Barcelona star can return earlier than expected.

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Iker Romero recovers

Iker Romero can be back against Drammen in the CLSpanish international Iker Romero has recovered after an elbow injury. The player suffered a nasty injury in his right elbow and it kept him out of action at the beginning of the season. The recovery time was estimated two months, but Romero is back two weeks before that.

Doctor Gutierrez is very satisfied with the player’s condition:

“The recovery was faster than we hoped for. He is ready to play, but he must go on with the rehabilitation exercises. It is important that he can travel with the team, though it is not sure whether he can play”.

Romero will travel to Cuenca for an Asobal game and he will probably also be in the squad against Drammen this weekend.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni