Nikcevic: good form in PamplonaArticle
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The 27-year old Portland player proves that he was a good signing for the Spanish side. Nikcevic is optimistic before the most important CL games.

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Nikcevic: good form in Pamplona

The Serbian winger, Ivan Nikcevic, knows the Spanish League perfectly after two seasons played in Altea and Almeria. However, this year is special for him because he has the chance to play in the top competition, Champions League.

The Serbian winger fits in well in PamplonaNikicevic adapted perfectly to the style of Portland. The presence of two other Serbian mates, Nikolic and Saric, helped him a lot.

The first signs about the performance of Ivan Nikcevic were very promising. The winger could even leave an injury behind that forced him to stop for a month.

“The injury is forgotten by now, history. I try to help team in the best way I can and I’m very happy that we won an important game against Chehovskie. It was also a good game for me.”

Portland lost in Ciudad Real by 19 goals last week at a Spanish League game. The result was a shocking experience for the team:

“It hurts specially because of the huge difference. After that game we were obviously not happy, but we won against the Russians and our situation is not so bad now. We must continue working in order to be able to make up for that huge defeat. We must look into the future”.

Nikicevic showed a remarkable performance against Chehoskie. He comments:

“It is not the most important for me that I played well. Important is that we got the job done as a team. It is true that it was a good game for me, just as is was for Ruesga, Vugrinec or Saric. But it is not important who scored more goals. We are a team, a group and only the points matter”.

Dominikovic and Jorgensen are both injured. This can create a serious problem for the Portland defence. Nevertheless, Nikcevic is not panicking:

“It is handball. You always have good and bad moments and it is better to have all the players at the disposal of the coach. Right now it is not possible and we cannot do anything about it. We can only work hard. We mustn’t cry about it, we need to have confidence in the players who are on court”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni