Never easy in the CLArticle
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Coach Mocsai is aware of the stregth of the opponents, but he confirms that Veszprém go for the victory no matter who they face.

Never easy in the CL

MKB Veszprém suffered a surprise defeat in Iceland in the last round. Coach Lajos Mocsai tells what he thinks about that game and about the Zaporozhye coming up. Veszprém’s defeat in Iceland was a major surprise for the fans. What do you think about that game when you are looking back?

The defeat in Iceland was not the end of the worldLajos Mocsai: I believe that people have no true picture about Icelandic handball. I have experience about playing there with my previous teams too and I can tell you that it is alway difficult to play against them. They have a tough and uncomfortable style and a good open defence. We knew in advance that it would be difficult. Did your team get over it?

Lajos Mocsai: When you play so many games in such a short time, it is normal that you wil make a mistake somewhere. Just take a look at the example of Flensburg that recently lost to Magdeburg in Germany.

We moved over the defeat and we were able to win the Hungarian top game in Szeged. Our fate is in our own hands, so we go on. Zaporozhye are coming up...

Lajos Mocsai: They show improving performance, so it will not be easy for sure.

Regarding our team, Eklemovic suffered an injury in the national team; we don’t know yet if he can play or not. The other injured players, Gulyás and Tamás Iváncsik, are getting back in form, while the shoulder of Ilyés makes it difficult for him.

Anyway, we always go for the victory regardless the opponent.

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