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Damir Bicanic talks about his pleasant experience with Ademar and about their chances in the CL.

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The Ademar secret: no stress, no pressure talks to the new signing of Reale Ademar, Damir Bicanic. The Croatian left back was the best scorer of his team against Montepellier. He talks about the atmosphere in his team and reveals the secret of Ademar’s success. Ademar had really good start. How is atmosphere like in the team?

Key player for AdemarDamir Bicanic: The atmosphere in the team is excellent. No wonder as we are on top of the Asobal League table and first in Group G in the CL. But even more important is that we play really well and it brings a lot of joy to players, club and fans. This is your second CL season and your first season in Leon and Spain. What is it like to live in Leon and what is the secret behind such a good start?

Damir Bicanic: Leon is a beautiful city. I like it very much here and to be honest I could even stay to live here. I also like the atmosphere in and around the club because handball is the number one sport in Leon. Spaniards have special way of living – without stress and pressure. You adapted quickly to your new team. Did you get help from your three fellow Croatians?

Damir Bicanic: It is easy to adapt to a team with such great players and with an excellent coach. And three Croats in the team is just one more advantage. You arrived to Leon from Zagreb. Can you compare these two CL teams?

Celebrating in Zagreb jerseyDamir Bicanic: Well, there are many differences. Zagreb is a club that invested big money in the last two or three years so now everybody expect results. And this puts a big pressure on team. On the other hand, Leon does not have to produce results, so there is no pressure. The other problem of Zagreb is that they don’t have a real rival in Croatia, while Leon play many tough games in the Asobal league. You were the top scorer of your team against Montpellier. After three rounds and three wins it seems that nobody can catch you anymore.

Damir Bicanic: I don’t want to say that Montpellier cannot catch us, but it’s a fact that we were much better at home. Still, the French champions are strong rivals and they will be difficult opponents in Montpellier. I don’t want to underestimate anyone, but Amicitia and Bregenz are simply not on our level.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros