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The CL winners take a 42-23 victory in the Quijote Arena at the last Spanish League game before CL Round 4.

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Ciudad Real badly beat Portland

Ciudad gave handball lessons to Portland with a final result hard to digest for the team of coach Villaldea.

Many things to discuss in PamplonaThe difference was 19 goals at the end, which shows the ambitions of Ciudad Real to send a strong message to the Spanish clubs.

The second half saw a pitiful Portland. The Villaldea team lost their first game in the Asobal League this season.

Ciudad dominated in the second half: scored 25 goals, received only 8.

Portland San Antonio kept the control of the match in the beginning, but something must have happened to them in the locker room. They had attitude problems and it was enough for Fernandez, Laen, Morros and Stefansson to score easy goals. The Portland defence capitulated in the second half.

Portland players were critical after the game. Danish Claus Jakobsen talked about the second half:

“We were ridiculous. We have a bad attitude. I never lost a game this way”.

Villaldea explained the problems of his team:

“We had problems and we could not make substitutions. They were simply better and they proved it”.

Dujshebaev did not expect such a final score either:

“We never thought about such a great victory”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni