Gille's focus on CLArticle
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Bertrand Gille only misses two major titles from his career, the Bundesliga and the CL. This season he can focus on the Champions Legaue.

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Gille's focus on CL

The 30-year old line player of HSV is not discouraged from a weaker team performance in the Bundesliga so far. After many trophies won with the French national team he wants to win only two missing titles: Bundesliga and CL.

Gille misses two important titles from his HSV must focus only on the CL now as your team started badly in the Bundesliga. Did you lose your chance for the title this season?

Bertrand Gille: We lost too many points at the start of the Bundesliga, it's true. But I always go for victories, so for now I can't say what we can and what we can not achieve this season. There are many matches left, so personally I don't think that we lost all our chance to win the title. Everything is possible. It is remarkable that your team has many top quality substitutions able to step on court and immediately make a difference…

Bertrand Gille: That's right. We have a huge number of matches during the season. So it is very important to have enough quality players who can enter the court and to play on the same level or even higher. Experts tend to agree that playing in defence is improved to perfection by you and your French national team mate Didier Dinart. You fight within the handball regulations; so to say, you are the “masters of fighting”.

Bertrand Gille: Our defence is one of the reasons we won the Olympic Games. We had only few suspensions at the same time. That is one of the basic things to achieve good results in handball. You won everything possible with France. You were also awarded the World Player of the Year in 2002. The only trophies missing are Bundesliga and CL.

Bertrand Gille: I still have five or six years to play and win those two. Both are possible, but it will be very difficult.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros