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The Icelandic international, Olafur Stefansson, will leave Ciudad Real at the end of the season for a third division club.

Stefansson moves to Denmark

“I will not extend my contract when it will expire next summer,” the 35-year old right back told Icelandic television.

Stefansson would play for the same objectives in DenmarkEven more surprising is Stefansson’s new club. The world class right back will leave Ciudad Real after six seasons and continue for three more years in the Danish Albertslund/Glostrup. This club is currently in the Danish 2nd Division, which is actually the third league in Denmark after the League and 1st Division.

“Jesper Nielsen (board member of Albertslund/Glsotrup and main sponsor of the club, ed.) informed me that the club has the ambition to win the Champions League within three or four years. I would like to be part of the that project a lot. In addition, Copenhagen has always been the city of my dreams,” Olafur Stefansson told Danish TV2. Albertslund/Glsotrup is situated in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

Willing to take a risk

The management of Albertslund/Glostrup expects the team to gain promotion to the 1st Division this season, and to gain promotion to the League the year after that. However, there is a risk that they will not gain promotion this season as they lost a match already at home.

“Of course it would be bad if they would not get promoted this season, but I’m willing to take this risk,” said Olafur Stefansson.

Stefansson was part of the Icelandic national team winning a silver medal in Beijing, which was Iceland’s greatest achievement in handball ever. He was linked to Albertslund/Glostrup for some time, but not many believed that a Danish third division club could sign him. But then he confirmed it personally on Monday.

TEXT: Peter Bruun