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Blazenko Lackovic talks about HSV, the CL and his reasons to join HSV.

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Lackovic: Great to be in Hamburg

The Croatian left back of HSV, Blazenko Lackovic, talks about his team’s performance, his expectations in the CL and his reasons to leave Flensburg and join HSV. You defeated FCK by 34:31 in an away match. The Danish team is your biggest rival in Group D.

Lackovic is satisfied with joining HSV so farBlazenko Lackovic: Before that match we played a draw at home in the Bundesliga against Berlin. We had big problems in the domestic competition and we lost points. Because of all that we did not start well against FCK, but soon the other Lijevski was substituted by Kristof, we played an excellent 6-0 defence and won. How are your knees? Your left knee was operated and you also had problems with the right one.

Blazenko Lackovic: Yes, I had ligament problems in my right knee last year. And my left knee was operated thee times in total. I feel pain from time to time, especially when we play many matches in a row. But it’s not a big deal. The Bundesliga title is probably lost already. Kiel seem to be very far now.

Blazenko Lackovic: Indeed. We have very little chance to fight for the title. We can’t make mistakes anymore. There are still many tough away matches, so it won’t be easy. I think we should concentrate now on taking one of first three positions in the Bundesliga that qualifies for the CL next season. Why did you leave Flensburg and come to Hamburg?

Blazenko Lackovic: I simply thought that Hamburg has a better team and greater chance to win something. You won only one German Cup with Flensburg in four years.

Blazenko Lackovic: Yes, but there were also CL finals and CL semi-finals. Two times we were runner-up in the Bundesliga. Those were all good results, but something was always missing to win titles. So I decided to change club. Was it a good decision or not, we will see four years later when my contract expires.

I really enjoy living here. The city is fantastic, I have direct flight from Hamburg to Zagreb and I live near to the airport. My salary is also a little better than in Flensburg, but that is not the most important thing. Did you also have an offer from Zagreb?

Blazenko Lackovic: We had some talks, but I wasn’t ready to return. My wish was to stay in Germany or to go to Spain. Bundesliga is very tough, but I still enjoy playing in front of many spectators. I feel like playing in the NBA. I’m 27 and I plan to play handball for seven or eight years more. I still have time to return home. We can talk about it four years from now. Maybe I will return to Zagreb to end my carrier there. Your expectations in the CL?

Blazenko Lackovic: Quarterfinals would be good result and the semi-finals would be great result. My desire is to win the CL, but I’m not sure whether we have the strength to do so. With the return of Hens we will be stronger in the left back position. It would be good to have some help in the middle back position too. We are not the favourites, but we are among the teams which can go far. Do you agree that the major favourites are Ciudad Real and Kiel?

Blazenko Lackovic: Ciudad Real, Kiel and also Zagreb. With Ivano Balic and Tonci Valcic I think Zagreb have a superb team now. Last season they were close to reach the semi-finals and this season they will be even stronger. There is also Skof, who is great goalkeeper. With an excellent Lazarov in the right back position they can achieve big things for sure.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros