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Špela Cerar is back in Krim after two years. She talks about the changes the club went through and her expectations from the upcoming CL.

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Cerar returns to a different team

A week to go and the Women’s Champions League throws off. Krim Mercator will start the season after many changes in the squad. Eurohandball.com talks about it with Špela Cerar.

Cerar (2nd from left) was member of a very successful Krim in 2006The left back returned after two years to Krim Mercator. The situation is different today. When she left, the Slovenian club was a model for many clubs. The young team this season – the average age is 22.4 years – has smaller ambitions, but the Slovenians are determined to take Krim back to her old glory.

Eurohandball.com: Today, Krim is from the team it was in past years. There are not many experienced players, but a lot of young ones. Is there "chemistry" in the team?

Špela Cerar: Everyday it gets better. We are more connected and feel each other more. A mixture of young and older players should be a good recipe for success. For younger ones it is great to have experienced players alongside with them as they can relay on them. But they have to be open-minded and open for learning. The older players should also have patience as they are not used to so many mistakes from their teammates. They do not know each other, so more time is needed.

Eurohandball.com: Before the start of the Champions League, Krim is taking part in the newly established World Regional Handball League (WRHL). Any positive effects?

Špela Cerar: It is great for our team, because the Slovenian Championship is not a great challenge for us. We do not have rivals there. WRHL brings difficult matches against Podravka, Kometal, Hypo and others. We play against some of the best teams of Europe, which is very positive for us. Accordingly, we will not start the CL without big matches behind us.

Eurohandball.com: After two defeats and a win you made a draw against Hypo. How was it possible? You made such a progress in the last months or Hypo are not in form?

Špela Cerar: Both reasons are valid. Hypo are not in superb form yet, but it is true that we made great progress in playing, especially in defence. We can now play with 6-0 defensive formation, but we need more time to improve with our 5-1.

Eurohandball.com: The Champions League is coming up. What are your chances against Nürnberg, Viborg and Metz?

Špela Cerar: I cannot say how successful we can be, but if you look at our opponents it will be tough. We know what the name of Viborg means in Europe. Nürnberg was a mystery for us last year and Metz is probably very strong coming through the qualifications… Our goal is to advance to the Main Round. If we do not, it will not be a catastrophe.

Eurohandball.com: What do you think about the new born Olimpija. This club was the dominant power in Slovenian handball once. Will Krim have a rival after many years?

Špela Cerar: The results in the Slovenian League show that Olimpija are one step before the others. I’m happy that a strong club is being built again. This can have a very positive effect on our handball.

Eurohandball.com: The new national coach, Primož Pori, invited you to the national team. Will you return after 2004?

Špela Cerar: I did not say my last word yet. I was surprised when he called me up, but I will think about it. Women’s handball hit a low point and now we need changes.

TEXT: Maja Mastnak