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Patrice Canayer's team lost only one away game so far. The coach reveals ambitious plans.

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Convincing Montpellier

Montpellier coach Patrice Canayer is optimistic about the future of his team in the Champions League.

The only lost game in LeonThe French club, which was listed among the favourites for the CL title by German club manager Schwenker and Holpert, won two games and lost only the away to Leon.

“Ademar are the second in the Spanish League, ranked above Ciudad Real at the moment. It tells everything about their strength. Zürich is also an improving squad. We know them because we played against the Swiss team in a friendly match”.

Montpellier are second in the and Canayer is satisfied with his team:

“We have good results so far. We played two games away and lost only in Leon by four goals. We played well, but it was not an extraordinary performance. We can still improve our team play and the individual form of the players. It is very important for us to gain victories even without playing very well”.

Canayer knows has clear ideas about his team and knows what they can achieve in the Champions League:

“We have to reach the quarterfinals, but it will be difficult. It will depend on the next draw a lot. If we meet Kiel or Barcelona, it will be more difficult… It would be too soon to talk about it now, we have time until February. We are building a team, just as the other clubs do”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni