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GOG have beaten Bosna only by four goals in Denmark and the Main Round door is open for both teams. Schefvert is not worried.

Schefvert remains confident

Group B shows a clear picture in the Men’s CL: BM Ciudad Real seem to be too strong for the other teams, while the second place and qualification for the Main Round can be decided between GOG Svendborg and HC Bosna Sarajevo.

 Four goals advantage taken at home
 Bosna fans' reaction in Odense
In this respect, Bosna have a good chance after a narrow defeat in the away match against the Danes. The Bosnians lost only by four goals after the match in Odense ending 30-26 for GOG. This means that Bosna can qualify with a five goal home win against GOG on the last match day, 22 November.

Nevertheless, GOG´s Swedish coach Ulf Schefvert is still confident that his team will reach the Main Round. talks to him after the first half of the group stage. What do you think about your performance so far?

Ulf Schefvert: In general we have done okay. Of course, we wish we did better in our first match at home against Ciudad Real. In the second half we managed to reduce the difference to four goals and still we lost by 10. On the other hand, I think we played a good match at home against Bosna and we took an important victory there. But is it going to be enough for the return game?

Ulf Schefvert: You always want to win by more. Winning by six goals is obviously better than winning by four, and so on. I think that even if Bosna have a strong team with many experienced players, we can still go to Sarajevo and win there too. The two injured players, Snorri Gudjnnsson and Kasper Nielsen, will be back for that match?

Ulf Schefvetr: I expect both of them to be fit by then. This will give us a few more options in defence and in attack. The four-goal difference may force Bosna to attack a bit harder than in Odense and this may be another advantage for our defence.

TEXT: Peter Bruun