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Portland player is preparing for his first game of the CL after an injury. Portland urgently needed him.

Malmagro back against Koper

The Spanish international Cristian Malmagro began the season unluckily.

After winning bronze in Beijing and chosen best player of the previous Asobal season, his good luck left the player…

He suffered a back injury and now he had to miss the first part of the season. Malmagro is all right now, played his first domestic game in Granollers during the week, and now he is preparing for a CL comeback.

“I really hope that I can play the next game in the CL. My injury is about to heal now, but I still need to try certain movements. It will be great to be back on court for the next CL game in Slovenia,” the Potland player said.

Portland have many injury problems. Dominikovic, Juancho Perez, Jorgensen, Jakobsen and Nikcevic will be out.

At least Malmagro is happy to be back:

“I’m glad to return. There are not enough players to cover for each other. Perhaps Claus can play in Slovenia, it would be very important for us. We are playing with a lot of problems and we need to improve our form to keep our chances alive in every competition”.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni