Malasinskas: 25 goals in 3 gamesArticle
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The young playmaker of Granitas-Karys has an impressive statistical record. talks to him.

Malasinskas: 3 games, 25 goals

The Lithuanian champions are among the less experienced clubs in the Champions League. Granitas-Karys lost three games so far – though they played a good game away against Hammarby. Their middle back, Aidenas Malasinskas, scored 25 goals in three games and he is currently among the top scores of the Champions League. The 22-year old talks to

Malasinskas plays in good form in the This is your first ever season in the Champions League. What is it like for you?

Malasinskas: I can only compare the level of the Champions League games to the national team ones. All opponents are very strong and playing against them is a very important lesson for me. You scored 15 goals against Chambery. That was an incredible performance…

Malasinskas: In fact, I scored 6 goals that game, which is a good result for me, while the other 9 goals were 7-m shots. The team earned me these goals, and our line player, Gintaras Cibulskis was the real “big deal”. What are the objectives of the team for the season?

Malasinskas: The whole team of Granitas-Karys promises the fans to win the Lithuanian Championship this year and also that we will reach the semi-final of the Baltic States League. These are the biggest objectives now. What are your personal ambitions?

Malasinskas: This will be my second season in the Lithuanian champion "Granitas-Karys". I want to learn and get a good lesson against strong teams.
My main goal is to improve as a player. Of course I would like to get to play against top teams and stars in the future, for example in the Spanish league.