Flensburg dominate against ZTRArticle
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The German team could give the chance for younger players to gain CL experience.

Flensburg dominate against ZTR

There is a good 2 000 km distance between Flensburg and Zaporozhye. And the two clubs are also a world apart in handball terms.

Mogensen served the mates with perfect assists6 059 spectators filled the sports hall to witness a 38:20 (20:8) Flensburg victory over ZTR Zaporozhye. The second CL success of Flensburg in Group F was never in danger.

“It was obvious to anyone that the two teams are on a completely different level,” admitted the ZTR coach, Vyacheslav Didushenko. “We wanted to play better, but we could only do what Flensburg allowed us.”

It was quickly 15:4 after 15 minutes. Dan Beutler saved three shots until that moment, but the Ukrainian attacks were filtered by the 6:0 defensive wall of the German side.

After this also Zaporozhye showed some of their abilities, especially the 2,08 meter tall left back, Sergey Burka proved his shooting power.

As ZTR’s goalkeeper, Zoltan Majeri, saved a clear shot of Michael Knudsen, the guests were also applauded.

“We will only have little chance at home against them.” Zoltan Majeri said. “However, we will fight for this chance. Today we could not show our true face.“

With the beginning of the second halftime Jendrik Meyer came on in the German goal. Coach Kent-Harry Andersson gave the chance to all 14 players.

The most apparent was the ambition of the young Sebastian Schneider to use his chance.

“He has the most powerful shots among all the players,“ said Kent-Harry Andersson.

Sebastian Schneider, however, praised the playmaker, Thomas Mogensen: “I got passes from him just as I could ever wish for.”

TEXT: Jan Kirschner