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Keld Vilhelmsen returned to GOG after three years only to help the team out as long as Gudjonsson is injured. He tells us more about it.

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Veteran help for GOG

At the start of the season, the 35-year old playmaker Keld Vilhelmsen surprised everyone by coming back to the Danish Champions League team, GOG Svendborg TGI. Vilhelmsen, who was important part of the GOG team for many years and had 75 caps for Denmark, had ended his top level career three years ago. At the beginning of the current season he was persuaded to return and replace the injured Icelandic playmaker, Snorri Gudjonsson. talked to the veteran.

Vilhelmsen (no. 6) preparing for the game with Why did you decide to come back to top handball after a 3-year break?

Keld Vilhelmsen (laughing): Well, I was born the same year as Olafur Stefansson, so why should I not still be able to play at top level? For the past three years I have been playing in Fåborg, Danish second league, but actually I decided to call it a day at the end of the last season. However, as Snorri was injured and GOG were in need of a playmaker, I decided to say yes and help for a while. So what is it like for you to return to top level?

Keld Vilhelmsen: It is great, although my body is a bit worn out by now. I’m happy every time I make it through a match without getting injured. I also have to adjust my trainings to the fact that I’m only expected to help for a limited period of time and not for the whole season. How do you feel after your team was beaten 34-24 by Ciudad Real in the first match?

Keld Vilhelmsen: I enjoy each and every match I play, as I believed that I had said goodbye to this long time ago. I just try to contribute with whatever I can. So far I played much more than I expected. But, of course, I depend on good team mates. Have you noticed any difference in top handball today compared to your three years ago?

Keld Vilhelmsen: Oh yes, definitely. The Danish league has become much stronger in the meantime and the best teams got much closer to the European top – although there is still some distance from the absolute top. The league has also become more equal than before when it was always Kolding and GOG battling for the championship. This greater competition is also good for the Danish chances in Europe, I think. So this will be the end for you when Snorri Gudjunsson will return from injury in a month’s time?

Keld Vilhelmsen: Well, I signed a contract with the club for the rest of this season and maybe I can be part of the first or second team somehow. We will see.

TEXT: Peter Bruun