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«Go back talks to Danilo Brestovac. The goalkeeper of Metalurg talks about his comeback to FYR Macedonian handball, the CL group and his expectations.

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Brestovac: This is just beginning talks to Danilo Brestovac, goalkeeper of Metalurg, about his comeback to FYR Macedonian handball, about the CL group and his expectations.

The 33-year old Brestovac played his first CL season with Vardar. After six years playing in France he returned in FYR Macedonia, to Metalurg.

Eurohandball: You spent six years in France. How do you feel at home and what are the differences?

Danilo Brestovac: Everything was great in Francem, but that is all behind me. Life goes on. I can’t live any more without my friends and family. The only bad thing is that Macedonian championship cannot offer top handball. The only interesting match is the derby against Vardar. If we play only giving 50% of our knowledge, we win. So it is very hard to find motivation for these games.

Eurohandball: Metalurg qualified for the CL. Now you have a tough task in the group with Kiel, Barcelona and Drammen. What can Metalurg really do in such a strong group?

Danilo Brestovac: To be honest, we have to be satisfied with taking part in the CL. On the other hand, we will explore our abilities. We are very well aware of how strong our opponents are, but we will have to find out how strong we are. We want more and we want to improve. Our dream is to “kill” favourites.

Eurohandball: Which three teams do you think have the biggest chance for the CL finals this season?

Danilo Brestovac: It would be best for handball to repeat last season’s finals with Ciudad Real and Kiel. As a third strong team I would pick Barcelona.

Eurohandball: It seems that Metalurg is becoming a serious club. Many new players and sponsors arrive…

Danilo Brestovac: There are many European clubs who can envy Metalurg. But I promise that this is only the beginning. We are at this moment "handball giants“ in our region. The club has a stabile financial background; the only problem is that we have a weak domestic competition.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros