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The Icelandic team played a great game in the home of Flensburg. This time the losing side could be more proud of their performance.

Satisfied loser

The Campushalle of Flensburg saw a game where the coach of the losing side was as satisfied as if they had won.

SG Flensburg-Handewitt won by 35:29 (19:14) against Haukar Hafnarfjördur, but the coach Kent-Harry Andersson quarelled with the defence. “This was not the team,” he complained, “that showed such an excellent defending work in Veszprém.”

The Icelandic team resisted Flensburg very wellOn the other hand, his Icelandic colleague, Aron Kristiansson, was proud: “My team never surrendered and they could see that they could fight against a top team.”

Alexander Petersson, the Icelandic Olympic silver medallist of Flensburg was injured, so he could only watch the game from the stands. He could be proud of the unknown compatriots.

The Icelandic champions were fighting courageously against the favourites of the game. After 17 minutes the guests were leading 12:9.

Only the powerful Alen Muratovic showed a good performance in the European top team, who played his best game so far. Also the goalkeeper Jendrik Meyer, replacing the Dan Beutler, had a good day.

The home team pulled themselves together after a time-out. They turned the page quickly and took a 18:13 lead by the 29th minute.

“We did not play with the same concentration in this period,” explained the right winger of Haukar, Einar Örn Jonsson. “Alltogether, we played a very good game.“

In the second half the guests could not come any closer than three goals. However, coach Aron Kristiansson is optimistic about the upcoming home game against the Germans:

“There happen certain things in Iceland that people would not even expect…”

TEXT: Jan Kirschner