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The coach of Steaua is not disappointed after the defeat in Pamplona.

Berbece's optimism

Steaua were beaten in Pamplona by Portland San Antonio by eight goals. The Spanish took control of the match since the early minutes, but the Romanians were able to balance out the difference and fought well in the second half. This made Steaua coach Dumitru Berbece optimistic.

Not an easy job in the CL“I did not expect to lose this game by eight goals. It is true that Portland is a great European club, but we fought well against them. We were not able to reach anything more than that,” said Berbece.

There are many questions about Portland. Their previous season was not so successful and Ivano Balic left this summer. Nevertheless, Berbece has a good opinion about the Spanish side:

“They are a great team. It is a club with a lot of experience on this level and in this competition. They have very good players in the team”.

Steaua Bucaresti will have a key game next roung against Koper, while one of the top matches of next round will be played by Chehovskie and Portland San Antonio. The main objective of the Romanian team could be the third place that takes them to the Cup Winners’ Cup.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni