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Coach Ulf Schefvert is not worried about the defeat against Ciudad. The objective is still the Main Round.

GOG: goals unchanged

Though GOG Svendborg TGI suffered a major home defeat against Ciudad Real (34-24), the club still aim for the main round. The management is still confident that they will be able to defeat the other two teams of Group B, the Greek Doukas and the Bosnian HC Bosna Sarajevo. Eurohandball.com talks to GOG’s Swedish coach Ulf Schefvert, who just started his second season with the Danes.

Eurohandball.com: What went so wrong against Ciudad Real after you managed to come back to four goals in the second half?

GOG suffered an big home defeat, but that's not the end of the roadUlf Schefvert. We couldn’t get over our bad start and Ciudad have a strong team. Their players were obviously motivated all the way through. Furthermore, we were without our injured key players, Kasper Nielsen and Snorri Gudjonsson.

Eurohandball.com: Your minimum goal was to qualify for the main round. Did anything change?

Ulf Schefvert: Oh no, not at all. We still aim for the main round and I feel confident that we will reach this goal!

Eurohandball.com: In order to do so, you must win on Sunday against Doukas…

Ulf Schefvert: Yes, I do believe we can win down there – even with our injury problems. At least Kasper Nielsen should be ready by then.

Eurohandball.com: When talking about Doukas, is it an advantage for you that you were the national coach of Greece?

Ulf Schefvert: Yes, actually I know a couple of the players of Doukas. They were among the best players of the national team back then, and in general I feel prepared for this task.

Eurohandball.com: Two decisive games are coming up. After the away game in Doukas on Sunday you will host Bosna Sarajevo next weekend. In the same period you have two tough away matches in the Danish league against Skjern and Kolding. On top of all, you have duties with the Swedish women’s national team at the GF World Cup in Denmark next week. Is it not too much?

Ulf Schefvert: No, I don’t think so. I must be able to go to Kolding next Wednesday with the national team. In addition, I have qualified assistants in GOG and at the Swedish national team as well. I don’t expect any difficulties!

TEXT: Peter Bruun