Veszprém win thrilling endgameArticle
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The game was open until the last seconds, but Veszprém held onto the two important points against Flensburg.

Veszprém win thrilling endgame

SG Flensburg Handewitt, two time CL runner-up, visited CWC winner MKB Veszprém at the Champions League opening game. As it was expected, the encounter brought a game full of tension and excitement…

In the 2nd half Cozma played key role in Veszprém's victoryLars Christiansen scored the first Flensburg goal only in the fourth minute from a 7-m throw, but the hosts weren’t too prolific in this period either. The Germans were quick and used their chances fully. Veszprém should have been very focused to keep pace with the visitors, but they needed time to heat up the engine.

It was already 3-7 for Flensburg after 10 minutes, but coach Mocsai called a time-out at this point. In the next few minutes only Veszprém could score and it was 7-7 all of a sudden. The “old guard” had a key role in this phase: Peric and Perez gave a big boost to the team with their exceptional performance. The teams arrived to half time with a 14-14.

Also in the second half – similarly to the first half – Flensburg had blank periods. Though they tried to change goalkeepers, it was not enough to balance things out. Veszprém had a 21-16 lead by the 39th minute.

It seemed that the hosts could keep some goals of advantage until the end, but they failed to concentrate for a few minutes and the Germans got back from 28-24 to 28-27.

Flensburg had chances to score the equaliser too, but Veszprém could always save in the critical moments. Though Veszprém missed a clear chance, it did not cost dear. Christiansen scored from the 7-m line his 9th goal, but Vujin did the same and Veszprém won 29-28.

The German side led by three Danish stars, Christiansen, Hansen and Mogensen, could take a point from Hungary. The hosts held onto the two points that will be surely very important at the end of the group phase.

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