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FCK coach Anja Andersen evaluates the chances for the CL qualification.

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Clear goals for FCK

FCK’s women’s team, led by coach Anja Andersen, will start against Naisa Nis on Friday. The three-day tournament will decide about the CL place between Motor, Nis, Dunaferr and FCK.

Turey followed Andersen to FCK“It will be a major challenge for us, because there’s only one place available,” said Andersen on the official club website.

"It is very important for us and it could give a great impetuous for our development. However, we also have to see that this is a new FCK playing a different kind of handball that we still have to learn. This requires time. We also know what enormous efforts the club did to organise this tournament at home in the Frederiksberg sports hall. This deserves our respect.”

”We never had to play three such important games within three days. I believe it is a challenge for all four teams. A victory on Friday would be very important against Naisa Nis. All teams need to be treated with respect in the Champions League, however I feel that the Serbians may be the easiest opponents for us.”

Motor on Saturday

“Motor had the strongest Ukrainian roster in the last couple of years. I met them on several occasions as a player and a coach alike. They have also beaten Aalborg last year, so they are a strong side,” Andersen added.

Dunaferr, the strongest rivals

“The Hungarians lost some of their stars in the last 2-3 years. Nevertheless, they are still a good team and they started well in their domestic league. They will most probably finish among the best four teams at home.”