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Dunaferr coach, Vilmos Imre, talks about the qualification chances in Copenhagen after losing Ferling.

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Knowing the chances

Dunaferr have arrived to Denmark on Thursday for the Qualification Tournament organised by FCK. The pregnant Bernadett Ferling was also with the team and though she will not play for the team any more, Vilmos Imre found tasks for her. Ferling is expecting a baby. Did she travel with the team?

Ferling (left) stops playing for a whileVilmos Imre: Yes, she came with us. She is still in training, but she will not play any more games. However, she is important for us and from next week she will hold the trainings for the injured players. I’m happy that she is among us and she can help. Who could replace her on court?

Imre: She cannot be replaced, maybe substituted. Tamara Tilinger will be the middle back against the Ukraininan team, but there are more options, suhc as Melinda Vincze and Bernadett Temes in this position. You will meet Nis, Motor and FCK within three days. Which could be the easiest game for Dunaferr?

Imre: There’s no pressure on us and I feel that we have the best chance against Nis. The other two teams are stronger. We try to do well at all three games. FCK needs no introduction: they have nine top level foreign players in their squad. On the other hand, Dunaferr are more compact...

Imre: Not on this level, especially not after losing Ferling. We will be weaker without her. I have seen FCK and I can confirm that they are still not a complete team. It is also a question how many players will be ready for the last day as we don’t have a large roster for this level. Our young players need to gain experience on domestic and also on international level. Does it mean that Dunaferr would have a better place in the EHF Cup?

Imre: I will not send the players on court with this message. We play for the victory at every single game, but we have to know the reality: FCK are the favourites to win the group. It would be obviously easier to play the EHF Cup than the very strong Champions League.

TEXT: (Ildikó Balogh)