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Ciudad, Barcelona, Portland and Ademar are ready for the start of the CL. The Catalonians sign Ben Amor in the last minutes.

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Spanish Armada to defend the throne

Ciudad, Barcelona, Ademar and Portland will step on court for the same objective: to keep the Champions League trophy in Spain. Out of the four Spanish sides, only Ademar did not win the CL in the past, while Portland, Barcelona and Ciudad Real already proved that they know the way to the top.

French addition

The Djusebaev team are title holders and the biggest favourites from the four. Ciudad looked for French players to strengthen the team. Luc Abalo and Jerome Fernandez joined the team, while the strong group that won the title last season stayed together.

Sterbik, Rutenka, Stefansson, Entrerrios, Urios, Hombrados… a splendid roster that started the Asobal League very badly by losing two games in the first four rounds.

Ben Amor will replace Iker Romero

Romero will have a two-month restBarcelona also have a major problem: Iker Romero has to miss around two months – as reported earlier by

The Tunisian international, Wally Ben Amor, signed for Barcelona to replace. Cadenas needed a player because he they lost Gull, Fernandez and Romero in the last month. Ben Amor did not have a team, his last club was Teka Cantabria.

Ben Amor is a highly experienced player who spent seven seasons in the Spanish League. He can help Barcelona in attack and defence as well. The Tunisian can play as in the middle or on the left side too, which is an important advantage in the eyes of Manolo Cadenas.

Barcelona opened the season with a title, the Spanish Super Cup. Cadenas reinforced the team with three Scandinavian players who all want to bring the golden period back to Catalonia.

New team in Leon

Ademar Leon went through many changes. Important players left Leon and Jordi Ribera decided to build on young and talented handballers. Now they will have the responsibility to maintain the high quality of the club.

Without Balic

Portland San Antonio also went through a revolution. Balic left Pamplona, but Saric, Jakobsen, Nikcevic, Masach and Urdiales have signed with the club. Villaldea will be the coach of a young team. The major problem is with injuries now as Dominikovic and Juancho ended up in the operating room.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goni