Schwenke is new coach of LöwenArticle
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The former national player arrives from Altenholz and works together with Christian Schwarzer.

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Schwenke is new coach of Löwen

Everybody who expected an established name, a coach with big international experience, Noka Serdarusic for example, was wrong. Rhein Neckar Löwen signs Wolfgang Schwenke (40) to take over from Youry Chevtsov sacked last week.

Löwen will try to keep their head up with the new coachSchwenke was - until yesterday - the coach of a German second division club Altenholz, a farm team of the Champions League finalist THW Kiel. Schwenke signed a contract until the end of this season and will do the job together with the World champion Christian Schwarzer. The line player will act as a playing coach.

Schwarzer did this job last weekend against Göppingen for the first time. Schwenke is a former German national player (53 international matches) and he played for THW Kiel for a long time. With the “Zebras” he won five German championships, three domestic cup titles and an EHF Cup. Together with Schwarzer he played several international matches for Germany.

“This job at the Rhein Neckar Löwen is a great challenge. I dreamed my whole life about a chance like this and now I got it,” Schwenke said.

“I’m convinced that we found the right solution with Schwenke and Schwarzer, our new coaches. Our objective is still to qualify for the Champions League next season,” manager Thorsten Storm said.

National goalkeeper Henning Fritz, who also knows Schwenke from the national team, is happy:

“A young coach will bring new ideas – this will improve our performance.”

The “Löwen” sacked Chevtsov after a bad start in the league with only two victories from four matches.

“I know what success tastes like and I know how hard we have to work for it,” Schwenke concluded.

TEXT: Björn Pazen